My Road to Fitness

I embarked on a lifestyle change several years ago which started with boot camps and then progressed into working out with a trainer in small groups. I would start seeing small results and then I would start thinking I could do this on my own but as history has proven, I started gaining weight and going back to my old habits.

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As I was working out during boot camps my husband Donny joined me and we started really motivating each other. With that came weight loss and being in better shape we have ever been in during our 17-year marriage. It was during this time we realized how much better we felt and how  that spilled over into our jobs, our hobbies, and everyday life. It was an awesome feeling. But the weight returned.

We fell into the trap thinking we could do the workouts ourselves at home. But after several months we realized that this was not going to work at home, we had excuses with work, the weather and not being motivated and knowing what to do.

So in March we found a new gym that we wanted to try and we purchased sessions with a trainer. I found this gym on Facebook and with word of mouth from friends here locally, all gave great reviews. We started once again on our fitness path with Chase as our trainer, working out with him 2 times a week. As of today we are still working out with Chase and seeing results in our strength and endurance for our twice to three times a week workout. Weight loss has not happened as of yet but I am adding muscle and can lift and push more weight than I ever thought I would. We are members of the gym and try to go 3 times a week to get cardio workouts done to assist us more with our weight loss.

As with any goal for weight loss, you must change your eating habits. That is where we lack the discipline and consistency. We tried meal planning on the weekend for meals to eat all week and this worked for a week or two and then we just got bored with it. It is an ongoing process to find that balance and eat healthy so we can achieve our weight loss goals.

Do you work out? How many times a week do you work out? Is it at a gym or you motivated enough to do it yourself at home?  Please share your comments below!

Stay tuned for continued updates on how my workouts and weight training are advancing in the coming months.



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