Funny Things My Husband Does……

I have to start off by saying my husband loves to make me laugh. And I am a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine out there. Donny has a great sense of humor and that was one of the things that attracted me to him when we started dating twenty years ago.
As we prepare for our upcoming vacation, I start making my list of things I need to pack. My list is constantly changing and I will ask Donny, “What do you want me to add for you to take?” and of course he says beer and himself. He does not worry about the details; he says that is my expertise.

My husband does not like my driving, so, needless to say, he is my chauffeur. My role is the navigator to get him where he wants to go without missing turns, passing up exits, or backtracking. Which, by the way, we have all done on our trips. Once we were turned around so he got on his iPhone and asked “Siri” how to get where we were going. It was comical because I had the map in front of me, but he wanted to see if “Siri” could give him better directions.

Laughing Together
Laughing Together

How does your husband amuse riders while driving on long trips? My husband will sing along with the radio but instead of singing the words to the song, he will make up his own words and will have me cracking up with laughter. I ask him where do these made-up lyrics come from? He laughs, “The words just come out.” Sometimes, you just have to be there to realize how funny he gets with his made-up lyrics.
Donny is a great outdoor cook and he can make some awesome bar-b-que, boiled shrimp and crab, and whatever else he decides to cook. He is very hard-headed about how he cooks and you have to follow his instructions to the detail. How can one man cook such a simple meal and dirty every pan and dish in the house while cooking—and guess what? He doesn’t like doing dishes and I usually have to do them all. He tells me, “Woman, never question an awesome cook and his methods.”

The final thing that Donny does that always makes me giggle is to tell me what I said in my sleep. I warned him twenty years ago that I talked in my sleep but I never remember what I say. He loves to give me a play by play of what I said while sleeping. I swear he adds the dramatics to it and I say, “I would never to do that in my sleep.” He has me laughing all the time when he tells me the things I said. Sometimes I wonder if they are true or if he is just telling me that to make me laugh.

I love having a husband who has a sense of humor and makes me laugh. There are times when laughter has made a bad day good and put a smile on my face. I am thankful for this gift he has and uses.

What makes you laugh? Is laughter good medicine for you?