Adventures of purchasing a new RV

My husband Donny and me enjoy being outdoors and getting away from the house for a little relaxation and down time.   We used to own an used 29 foot bumper pull travel trailer. We sold it and said in a few years we would purchase another new RV.   During that time we started taking trips with friends to ride our Polaris Rzr 1000XP.   The accomodations at the one park we went too were less then desirable so we started our search for a toy hauler RV to travel with our RZR and go camping.

Sometimes purchasing a RV is worst then an automobile.   We spend three to four weekends visiting numerous RV dealerships in and around the Houston area.  We had a specific budget what we could afford and the RZR has to fit in the toy hauler to Donny’s liking.   Most dealerships we visited the sales personnel was very helpful and answered all our questions but we always stated we were just looking and would be ready to purchase within 30 days.   Only one instance where we encountered a salesman who was a bully and really just didn’t want to make the sale.

One night while surfing the internet, I came across a deal on a Heartland Torque T29 in Navasota, TX at T&S Enterprise RV’s.   I contacted the sales personnel via email to see if the unit I found was still for sale. The next morning I received an email that the unit I inquired about had been sold but they had a 2016 model that just arrived on their lot that morning.   After several emails, we made plans to drive to Navasota which was about 2 hour drive from the house to check out the toy hauler. We arrived to meet Tex and Tim, the salesmen at T&S RV’s, they had the unit we want to view all setup with electricity hooked up and all the utilities working on it. We really like the unit, but were hestitate about the RZR fitting in the toy hauler garage.   Tex showed us an email of a prior customer’s RZR fitting in the trailer.   So about some discussion we decided to make the purchase. We had been pre-approved by our credit union so we headed home to finalize all the paperwork.


The next day Saturday we headed to the credit union for sign off on all documents and take the draft letter to the RV dealer and pickup our new RV.   We took our 2005 Dodge 2500 Ram Pickup truck to pull our new thirty-four foot RV Toy Hauler home.   This trailer was five feet longer then our old RV so it was an adjustment for Donny in driving it home.

We were anxious to plan a weekend to go and try our new trailer. We booked a RV site at Northshore RV Resort on Lake Livingston. Our friends Steve and Cindy joined us for the weekend. Thank goodness they were there, Steve helped us a lot on setting up the trailer. We had forgotten a lot of things that go into setting up your trailer. I think that will be another blog post soon.

Below are several highlights to remember when shopping for a new RV.

  1. Establish your budget before going to look at RV’s
  2. Do as much research as you can online on layouts, trailer styles and amentities.
  3. If you shop for RVs in the summer, be prepared to go inside some very hot trailers to look at the inside.
  4. Take a tape measure if you have an UTV/ATV/golf cart or motorcycle you will be hauling. If you aren’t looking for a toy hauler, you can omit this step.
  5. Figure into the cost of your new RV for full coverage insurance.
  6. Haggle on the price and see how much you can get off MSRP.
  7. Finalize paperwork for purchase of RV.
  8. Another cost will be trailer hitches or fifth wheel hitches that you will need to tow your trailer’s with safely.
  9. Plan a local trip camping to get become familiar how to setup your trailer and all it has to offer.
  10. Finally sit back and enjoy spending time in your RV.

We purchased a 2016 Heartland Torque TQ T29. We took a short weekend trip to Lake Livingston with good friends of our Steve and Cindy Griffin.   Had to remember numerous steps in setting up trailer. Steve was a great help to Donny and we enjoyed our little trip to try out our new camper.


Do you own a travel trailer, 5th wheel, pop-up camper or motorhome? Or thinking about purchasing one soon?